Liposuction: All You Need To Know!


By Dr. Vaishali Uzagare, Cosmetic Physician,

There are some things you need to keep in mind if you plan to get the liposuction treatment. Here is everything that you need to know about liposuction:

  1. Do not cheat when you get Liposuction: If you continue eating junk and do not exercise to keep your liposuction body intact, you are cheating and that will bring you no good. Therefore, start taking care of yourself right after you get liposuction and continue with that.
  2. Liposuction is not a quick path to a fit body: Exercise and an adjusted eating routine is the main changeless arrangement. Being sincerely and physically sound is a definitive objective with regards to the treatment as mentioned earlier as well. You can only get a temporary fix with it but it is not permanent. You can very well get back to your original shape if you do not help yourself.
  3. Last outcomes may take three months to appear: Try not to go purchase a whole new closet at this time. One can certainly have a shape change after three to four months. At three months some see the entire impact of liposuction. Regardless, you will encounter some swelling yet nothing excessively noticeable, making it impossible for others to notice.
  4. Pick a specialist that is a professional in the procedure: This is presumably the most critical step for you. Try not to go to a specialist that does not do this as his exclusive line of profession. Try not to utilise a paediatrician, a general specialist, and an ear, nose and a throat specialist. Try not to utilise any specialist that has added this to his practice and is not doing it exclusively.
  5. Envision some post-surgery pain: The pain from lipo is not that bad. Yes, you feel pain obviously, any surgery is excruciating. However, the treated spots just feel like a wound.
  6. You may put on weight after Liposuction: Some people tend to put on weight after liposuction. For some it may be a lack of exercise, for others, it may just be a temporary setback or side effect. However, it is not fat accumulation.
  7. It is surgery: you will encounter swelling and wounding: The wounding is very common and so is swelling. I experienced a full container in around seven days. Certain medicines will be prescribed to you in order to get rid of the same. Moreover, you will be given certain ointments that can help you out.
  8. Liposuction can increase the cellulite: Some people’s cellulite look terrible and the skin quality is looser and wavy. Some people may look older.
  9. Solid and healthy are essential post-surgery: If you are willing to spend your money on something like liposuction, then you should definitely be willing to work it out later by yourself and be determined to keep that going. Go for a walk if your routine has changed. Try to remain active.